Créer un visuel design n’est pas juste
une question de créativité ou de conception.

Il s’agit aussi de cropmarks, de bords perdus, de pantoniers, de fichiers prépress, de grammage, de négociations, de consommation de café, de pelliculage, de CTP, de gaufrage, de choix de formats, de textures,…

Enfin, autant de paramètres casse-tête qu’il vaut mieux laisser à ceux qui aiment ça.

Design intérieur de l'accueil Delta

Client : Delta

Concept design d'intérieur pour l'accueil de bureaux Delta au Luxembourg à Windhof

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Brochure luminaires

Client : Raferia

Brochure luminaires

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Promotional campaign

Client : Restaurant Tom's Kitchen

Creation of a promotional campaign on a temporary offer for the Tom's Kitchen restaurant in Windhof. Variations on different media such as posters, "Table tent" or their Facebook banner.

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Advertising brochure creation

Client : Greenfinch GCG S.A.

Adaptation and updating of the graphic design of a presentation brochure for the International Exhibition of Real Estate Professionals (MIPIM).

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Corporate identity and logo creation

Client : Bibim

In order to provide an attractive branding ready for the opening of the new Bibim restaurant in the Belval area in Luxembourg, the BAM agency was in charge to design the logo and to edit a corporate identity.

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Berto bakery lettering

Client : Boulangerie Berto

Realization and installation of lettering on external windows, installation of internal vinyls and manufacture of a "mdf" sign painted and milled.

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Communication media

Client : N'AIRGYM

Realization of different graphic supports such as flyers, brochures, vehicles, room deco and adaptation of the graphic style to the universe of the youngest for the anniversary invitations.

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Greeting card design

Client : CHR Haute Senne

Print realization of a greeting card design for the CHR Haute Senne. The shape of water drop becomes a flower when it is unfolded. Each petal introduces a key value of the hospital and illustrates it with words

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Calendar Design

Client : Edinstvo

Graphic realization of a calendar for Edinstvo. Our conceptual intention for this print project was to demonstrate the connection between nature and human presence to stage each architectural project.

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Logo, Corporate Identity and style guide

Client : FCD

Graphic design and production management of the corporate identity of FCD. Among the proposed documents figure business cards, business papers, compliments card and envelopes, which are all designed in accordance with the style guide established by the creative community of BAM.

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Identité Vet à Domicile

Client : Vet A Domicile

Création de l'identité du vétérinaire à domicile sur Luxembourg

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Corporate identity

Client : Carrie Dessert Bar

Design of the graphic style of Carrie Dessert Bar and creation of the corporate identity of the company in line with the values ​​and spirit developed within the shop.

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